Vegetable Printing for Toddlers

It’s been a good and hectic couple of months for us here at Artventuretales, as you probably guessed from the quiet around here. Or maybe not :). We were off to a 28 day adventure at Singapore, which I will write about in a separate post or you can read all about it on my instagram account @artventuretales. Once we were back the school grind began and although we still did our activities I never got a chance to document it. With the little one growing up and showing signs of becoming extremely independent (and how! This morning he cried … Continue reading Vegetable Printing for Toddlers

Salt blot Painting, how paint travels!

It’s been a few days since we did anything creative different from what have done previously. The little one is teething so sleep has been totally elusive both for him and more so for me. Its been a tough few days to say the least, having the elder one at home for vacations and not being able to occupy him has added to the guilt, that hasn’t helped either. That’s how mothers roll I suppose, on good days you just make the most of it. After nearly a week the little one has gone down for a morning nap on … Continue reading Salt blot Painting, how paint travels!

Spring, the great outdoors, and a love for colours!

I feel like spring is an underrated season here in India. I have always loved the carpets of yellow by the copper pod flowers, tufts of pink from the rain tree and the bursts of orange and red from the gulmohar. These have given way to more global blooms in new expanding cities like the cherry blossoms and lilac flowers in certain pockets. Being home with the kids, seeing their wonder in these flowers and leaves and the ground filled with colour is truly infectious. The older of my boys gave up his afternoon nap even before he turned 4, … Continue reading Spring, the great outdoors, and a love for colours!

One dot, two dots, three dots, more dots art

In looking to find simple, easy ways for my pre-schooler and toddler to work together on art, pointilism or dot art by The Artful Parent gave us a great start. Paints, especially water colours are one of our favourite art media mainly because the colours are so rich, a little bit goes a long way, it offers a lot of great colour options and cleans fast. Q-tips or buds are fun as both my 4 and 1 year old could hold them easily and the strokes were strong and bold. All that you need for this art activity are Paints … Continue reading One dot, two dots, three dots, more dots art