Peak Parenting is all about Improvisation

In parenting in the pandemic I have discovered that my kids take it harder when I don’t deliver on a promise than when something doesn’t happen. Take no school for example, they are like ‘ Oh cool! we’ll figure this out!’ what chilled out kids eh. Then I said ‘Hey I’m making an orange cake today’ but ran out of oranges so the cake didn’t materialize. So now its all ‘You broke your promise!’ ‘ You! who didn’t deliver on that cake!’ ‘But but but, where is our orange cake?!’ So now I choose not to tell them and only … Continue reading Peak Parenting is all about Improvisation

A tale of two interviews

Last week there were two interviews that everyone was talking about – one was a 65 year old former CEO of Indian origin of one of the largest global Food companies of our time and another is a 32 year old British pop Icon. While one got so much backlash for the things she said the world is all agog with support for the other. Reading Nooyi’s interview was like speaking to my own 70 year old Indian father. We do not ask for a raise, we do the right thing first and then work out how to fix our … Continue reading A tale of two interviews

Mindful Mondays – things to keep, things to let go

In a few weeks I will no longer have a child less than 5 years of age. That means I no longer have to keep track of the polio drives here in India. Children over 5 are not required to take the vaccine. There is also a child who has lost two of his baby teeth, quite the milestone this week. For a person who used to live out of suitcases with not much in terms of permanence for almost 3 decades of my life, the idea of making a home and raising children was fascinating. I simply couldn’t let … Continue reading Mindful Mondays – things to keep, things to let go

Stories From The Season – September

This week I posted the September letters and I can imagine them reaching little hands across the country to be read by children and their parents alike. The sunbird featured in the September letter is a little guy who really did find his way into our balcony, I’m certain it’s for all the hanging spider webs my kids will never let me clear out. I’ve even caught it pull out a couple of threads from my cotton towel. The industry with which it moves and the ingenuity of how it manages to get what it wants makes up for the … Continue reading Stories From The Season – September

Food that is savored and relished

Years ago, as I walked into the NICU to a ‘wailing till the whole floor could hear him’ hours old baby I never imagined I’d be sitting in a broken chair for a couple of hours. The good nurses would pop in every few minutes but we went on nursing oblivious to all the tiny wiling babies around until he finally fell asleep and I could get back to the room, that lasted about an hour before I went right back into that broken chair. There was another child who would squirm in the warm blanket as he lay next … Continue reading Food that is savored and relished