All for the love of words

Over the weekend this domain came up for renewal. I wondered as I often do if I should pay for this year again, I mean, I have hardly written a post in the last year. Popular opinion prevailed and here we are, the domain is still mine.

This is actually my 4th blog in twenty years, that’s what happens when you have grown with the internet. You have tumblrs, blogspots, blogaddas, Facebooks and if you’ve managed to stay in the social space without entirely quitting like me, you’d have reached instagram or tiktok depending on your geography.

If I was honest with myself I should have quit a long time ago, but I haven’t. I keep going back to writing, one or the other thing. Funny story, I haven’t just started and abandoned digital blogs, I have unfinished, half written diaries strewn around the house as well. With motherhood, my writing is pretty PG so no awkward incidents around the house so far.

Quite the contrary infact, I started a pocket size diary last year, of course it’s a resolution I never managed to keep. The book however has stayed on top of a drawer. The oldest found it last week and read the first and only entry in the book – a record of the week we all managed to test positive for COVID -19. I’d called him brave.

He has now repeated that line every day for the past week. There is a profundity to the way words capture a moment in time and leave the memory of it in your mind. Reading a single page entry in a forgotten diary touched my child in a way I didn’t anticipate. So when this domain came up for registration I thought why deny myself the capture of these words.

Why stop ourselves from writing what we think. After all if nothing else, its testimony of how alive and vibrant our thoughts are everyday. Does this mean I’m going to be a regular here? Most definitely not.

I do however want to keep a space where I can leave a mark in words, no matter how small.

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