Wildflowers in the monsoon – watercolour art

On most days as I walk in the rain, little splashes of colour peek out shyly. From beneath lush green leaves or growing between concrete paver blocks as if to say look at us, all we need is a slice of earth. The wildflowers that nobody plants, that grow of their own freewill. That stubbornly refuse to bow to the lashing of the rains no matter how hard. They smile at you with bright shining colours as we get through the motions of our everyday lives. There is always a reason to smile, things are never as bleak as they … Continue reading Wildflowers in the monsoon – watercolour art

If Parenting was a game of Super Mario

Today in the life of Super Mario Mothers (you know, like in Super Mario brothers) You wake up and realize its 7 am and princess peach (aka this day of school) may just have gotten away from you. So Ready set go! A cup of tea comes your way, take it, grow a size and jump over some Goombas. Child one is up as soon as you wake him, you just ducked a koopa there, way to go! He’s in time to actually brush, eat breakfast and head to school. You made 3 perfect stars and coins. Level 1 completed. … Continue reading If Parenting was a game of Super Mario