Moments to memories, Mindful Mondays

For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed Mondays.

Having always loved going to to school, yes all 8 of them, Mondays seemed like a thrill to be experienced. I worked at jobs I really loved or had people at work that I especially looked forward to meeting (yes, I suppose I’ve been rather blessed like that) after a weekend.

So mondays were never blue, or gloomy or any of the other dramatically sad words used to describe it.

Until March of 2020 that is.

See the mental load of a pandemic and our lives crashing in on our barely there 1000 sq ft home and 4 people is not an ideal situation. The hustle of getting everyone in front of a computer on time for school, playing Tech support, canteen staff, teacher, friend and classmate to two kids from monday to friday meant weekends are when I got to sleep in or do something for myself like head out for a morning walk.

This morning after ages I woke up on Monday raring to go, turns out its a school holiday! Well, I suppose its a good time to do a round up of a few things that made me smile over the last week. Here are some, maybe this will put the zing back into my mondays once again!

  • A full rainbow
  • A toy rediscovered
  • new leaves on the cannonball tree
  • Handmade Ganesh idols
  • A moth emerging from its cocoon

It would seem joy is in the little things.

Happy week ahead! Tell me, what brought you joy this last week?

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