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Being our own cheerleaders – the boy and I

Before I was parent to a school going child, I had lofty dreams of how we’d learn. We’d sit together and I’d pull out my reading while the kids and I sat around a big table and we’d work together reading, working out and generally enjoying the process. Like most parenting ideas this one popped like a balloon years ago of course, but then yesterday happened just like I had dreamed about.

Only thing is we were learning computers, and it seems most 8 yos these days can ‘computer’ in their sleep.
When the learning hour goes smoothly there is all around goodwill around the house. The joylessness of online school is tangible in V, he misses the bus rides, the birthday celebrations, the conversations, the simple interaction with other children his own age. He isn’t looking for my approval anymore, he knows he has it, he wants to test his mettle with children his own age.
In the meanwhile he has decided to put his sleuthing skills to good use on us. Emotional sleuthing that is, ‘Did you just sigh? what does that mean? are you tired or upset?’ ‘You just winked are you joking about buying icecream this weekend?”You said Maybe I can go to the park? is that a yes or a no? Oh! depends on what?’

We don’t sign up for any contests, competitions or new classes these days, it seems like without the actual presence, the learning is only a token activity, a kind of filler for the hours we spend at home, it is no longer the experience it ought to be, or so I feel.

Native Indian Grasses

This past week, the kids have attended two birthday parties, they made cards, gifts and cookies to carry for the parties, I think that is a nice touch. Not wanting to walk in empty handed so planning on what to do or carry with them is a thrill in itself.
If nothing else I am hopeful that this time has taught us to look for rainbows in unexpected places. The Swiggy delivery person is a favorite for all the yummies he brings, an evening walk to see the twinkling lights is like a special treat, the few hours when they can meet friends nearby for a game of soccer is talked about all day till the actual game. When they do, they want to make the most of it, a bunch of 8 year olds making the most of the time they have to play outdoors, resolving conflicts and finding time to share what they are doing in shouts and whispers.

Until he can get back to his friends, school life and showing off his newly acquired lockdown skills we are going to have to be each others cheer leader – while i hone my painting skills and he practices his football kicks on the bed’s headboard. Upward and onward then!

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