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Small Change, Big Impact – Get Moving

I never realized how many small changes we make in our lives slowly but surely until I actually started thinking about it. Consciously or not we are always making little changes to accommodate the bigger changes in our lives – a job, marriage, children, a pandemic! Some of these are great and make us feel fantastic while others, well, drain us out just thinking about them – the number of times I pick up my phone to look at it for instance.

Then again, how else would I fill the seconds when my onions hit the pan and actually start browning. Or while I wait for the kids to notice that I’ve called them for dinner I sit at the table and look at my phone. It’s not something I realize at the moment its just the easiest thing to fill in the seconds. It also what I use as a distraction because I’m so tired, emotionally tired. I don’t consider cooking, or cleaning as productive time. I have always found that the best way to fight emotional tiredness is with physical tiredness. When your calf muscles and abs are crying out in pain, your mind is surprisingly alert!

I started running way back in 2007 when on a whim I signed up for a 7K run. It was also the first time I jumped over a gate, my hostel didn’t open gates till 8 am and the run started at 5! Since then I’ve pursued some form of running, walking or playing actively. Only because I enjoy it. Since 2020 I haven’t had much outdoor time for obvious reasons that we shall not name today.

When S was a baby we would do 5 surya namaskars together either him being under me or climbing all over me. Now as I was looking for ways to bring the movement indoors I stumbled upon all the YouTube fitness craze. Yes, yes, I know I am late to the party but hey I didn’t need them till my outdoor time got cut off, so in my defense I still love being outdoors but for us when we can’t this was a great alternative.

This season wild flowers are a big motivator to getting outdoors and moving

5 Reasons this worked out well for me –

  • I could do it in my pyjamas, this one was big at the time I started 4 months ago
  • I can do it with the kids
  • Most of these are no equipment needed, except some space for which I cleared out the living room
  • I could choose the length of time I wanted to workout for. Some days its 10 minutes others its 40 but I get to choose.
  • I wasn’t conscious about my movements etc like I am at the Gym. This was in the house.

Once I started it soon became a habit, something we’d do together every evening.

Incase you need a little motivation to get moving here are a couple of light reads that will tell you why you need it

Benefits of Exercise

Fun Facts on Exercise

Now that we have got the why out of the way I’m actually going to list my favorite channels here too just to make it easier to click through and begin if you feel like it.

Disclaimer- I did look for specific Indian channels on exercise but it was mostly the likes of Bipasha Basu with her hair blowing unbelievably in beautiful directions always away from her face, soft glow lights on a bunch of young people who moved effortlessly. This was not great for my confidence of life situation honestly I needed people who actually looked like me, hair tied up and sweaty when they exercise.

Here are a few channels that worked out for us –

  • Sydney Cummings for the sweaty active cardio workouts. Her beginner workouts are very good and easy to get on, she also does variations for easy moves which is very useful when you are starting out. She has 10 minute workout playlists and 20 minute playlists that work well for starters.
  • Thoma Gustin for simple workout sessions and stretches
  • Mady Morrison doesn’t speak english but I love her stretches for post workout. It is also less intense and good for sleep in my case
  • Chloe Ting has fun leg and arm exercises that were good when I started out on these. Once I had done Chloe’s basic videos I moved on to cardio and it felt easier.
  • Popsugar Family has the best kids and family fun workouts
  • Moe Jones kids workout is simple and fun too

This morning I managed to get moving and picked up some wild flowers too, mostly that’s my motivation to move. It’s also been mentally stimulating and a way to stay of the phone.

The dopamine happiness is pretty amazing too. Tell me if you have a favorite fitness routine too.

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