baking cookies for a birthday party

Moments to memories, Mindful Mondays

Here I am posting monday’s memories on tuesday. Says a bit about the kind of monday I have had, confrontation doesnt come easy to me, I stay as far away from confronting anything as I can that said in the online world its harder to be passive aggressive, so communication or action is our best bet. Mostly its easy to arrive at amicable solutions but sometimes its harder to get your point across and in the process you loose goodwill. Seeing as we all are behind these screens showing parts and pieces of our personalities online the whole is still a mystery.

Nevertheless it’s a new week and the autumnal equinox at that and taking a moment to see what made me pause is important to me. A few things that I receive with thanks.

  • Wild flowers on my walk
  • A cookie baking session with the kids
  • Space for movement in the house
  • A few things in the kitchen that need care

This conversation around Education and technology

These festive decor ideas from Trumatter

I am looking forward to this equinox week and trying to get my mind around the fact that its still raining and the harvest moon is eluding us under all this cloud cover.

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