Stories From The Season – September

This week I posted the September letters and I can imagine them reaching little hands across the country to be read by children and their parents alike. The sunbird featured in the September letter is a little guy who really did find his way into our balcony, I’m certain it’s for all the hanging spider webs my kids will never let me clear out. I’ve even caught it pull out a couple of threads from my cotton towel. The industry with which it moves and the ingenuity of how it manages to get what it wants makes up for the … Continue reading Stories From The Season – September

Wildflowers in the monsoon – watercolour art

On most days as I walk in the rain, little splashes of colour peek out shyly. From beneath lush green leaves or growing between concrete paver blocks as if to say look at us, all we need is a slice of earth. The wildflowers that nobody plants, that grow of their own freewill. That stubbornly refuse to bow to the lashing of the rains no matter how hard. They smile at you with bright shining colours as we get through the motions of our everyday lives. There is always a reason to smile, things are never as bleak as they … Continue reading Wildflowers in the monsoon – watercolour art