If Parenting was a game of Super Mario

Today in the life of Super Mario Mothers (you know, like in Super Mario brothers)

You wake up and realize its 7 am and princess peach (aka this day of school) may just have gotten away from you.

So Ready set go!

A cup of tea comes your way, take it, grow a size and jump over some Goombas.

Child one is up as soon as you wake him, you just ducked a koopa there, way to go! He’s in time to actually brush, eat breakfast and head to school.

You made 3 perfect stars and coins. Level 1 completed.

Level 2 unlocked.

Woah. That was easy

Child 2 refuses to wake up. Oops that’s a Goomba, grow down a size.

Negotiations for brushing and breakfast take a while. Child 2 is late for school.

Lose a star.

Child is finally seated and you even have the school material

Grow a size. YES!

Level 3 unlocked.

Lunch is sorted, kitchen is cleaned. Mom bun has been fixed. Pants are on.

Congratulations Mario mum, you got all the gold coins.

Kid 1 comes out of exam, declares you taught him the wrong subject, it was English not science that day.

Blink…blink….blink you are down a size.

You aren’t giving up on this one. Keep running!

Level 3 completed

Level 4 unlocked

Child 2 hasn’t been given a chance to speak at school so he is on the floor, feet in the air.

Child 1 tried to go through a bunk ladder and is currently stuck.

You jump and thrash the goombas and koopas but a shell gets you anyway.

Both children are shouting for you.

Lose a life!

Extract child 1 from said bunk while trying to get child 2 back to the computer. Finally manage to settle them both.

Level 4 completed. You are feeling small and not very peachy at the moment.

1 star for all that effort.

Level 5 unlocked.

Best lunch ever declares child 1 and 2. Grow a size.

Salt is less says husband. Jump and thrash a Goomba! That was satisfying.

Do a couple of wall jumps and collect a bunch of gold coins.

Level 5 completed.

Level 6 unlocked.

Children play quietly, you get some work done. Grow a size and get a couple of stars.

Get up to make a snack, we’ll help say the kids. Jump up and add a life.

Hot diamond biscuits are devoured straight off the stove. It’s a hit.

You thrash a few goombas and jump up a few walls.

Invincible you feel.

You turn for a moment and the milk boils over. Lose a size.

Some biscuits are burnt says child 2.

Lose 2 stars.

Level 6 completed but barely.

Level 7 unlocked.

You have only one more life.

You jump, and race towards the coins.

Finally get out of the house for a few minutes, you got a star.

You forgot to give them milk, kids are hungry and cranky by the time you return.

Lose a star.

You are just about hanging on. The kids are having milk and a full glass drops to the floor.

Lose a star. Lose a life

Clean up. Child is upset. You are upset.

Lose another life.

You come back right where the milk spilt. You run straight into a turtle!

How is this day getting so out of hand!

A quick bath goes uneventfully.

Level 7 completed.

Dinner is on time. Child 1 and 2 declare it best parathas ever.

Dinner is done and everyone is ready for bed.

It’s too early they shout, “you’ll never believe what happened amma,” begins child 1. “I want to have story time” starts child 2.

Bedtime has just moved indefinitely.

Lose a life.

Throw yourself at some Goombas. Fall down that big round pipe.

Game Over.

Oh but wait. Both kids snuggle-up close to you books in hand, reading or asking to be read. Hugs and kisses are given, some laughter.

That life may have been worth losing, you think.

Only 8 hours till you get a new life.

The game goes on.

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