The Trees of India Project – 5 Flowering Trees (Summer)

As the kids and I spend more and more time outdoors, we have seen the changes in the trees. With each season / month there is new life – leaves, flowers, fruits, sometimes shedding and getting a whole new bark. The beauty of it all is that no two trees of the same species will flower at exactly the same time much like our children, but each one has its own pace to get there. Very often we forget to look around us and see the real wonder of the space we live in. Going out with my children and … Continue reading The Trees of India Project – 5 Flowering Trees (Summer)

Why I choose to raise creative children

What does creativity mean? Often we think of creativity as that which artists have, or even prodigies, like talent that you have to be born with. To many of us it seems like it’s not something regular people like you and me can ever have. While we always talk about how we would like our children to be smart or intelligent we don’t often hope for creative children because we think creativity is not a skill. Let’s explore this a bit, our thinking that is. What would you define as smart? Is it intelligence, common sense, clever, education / learning? … Continue reading Why I choose to raise creative children

How we weaned from nursing to sleep at 2 years

Once you are a mom, there’s two milestones to everything – there is the first time you do everything and there’s the last time you do it. The beautiful thing about the first time is that you usually know it, you savour it, you linger on it, you cherish it, you make it last, you carefully file it away under memories for life that you will always look back upon as magical and miraculous. The first time you gave birth, the first time you held those tiny little fingers and toes in our hands and looked into those big, trusting … Continue reading How we weaned from nursing to sleep at 2 years

Vegetable Printing for Toddlers

It’s been a good and hectic couple of months for us here at Artventuretales, as you probably guessed from the quiet around here. Or maybe not :). We were off to a 28 day adventure at Singapore, which I will write about in a separate post or you can read all about it on my instagram account @artventuretales. Once we were back the school grind began and although we still did our activities I never got a chance to document it. With the little one growing up and showing signs of becoming extremely independent (and how! This morning he cried … Continue reading Vegetable Printing for Toddlers

Rice, rainbows, summers, and some sensory play

What does rice have to do with rainbows and summers? You may ask. Its like this, as working parents, school holidays were our biggest dread. The nanny had to come on time, the kiddo had to be pacified, distracted or conned depending on his mood that particular day and we had to find parks, playgrounds or television to keep him occupied. I remember days when he just didn’t want us to leave and I have literally cried my way to work. From what I have heard, stay at home parents don’t have it any easier. Holding the attention of your … Continue reading Rice, rainbows, summers, and some sensory play