Peak Parenting is all about Improvisation

In parenting in the pandemic I have discovered that my kids take it harder when I don’t deliver on a promise than when something doesn’t happen. Take no school for example, they are like ‘ Oh cool! we’ll figure this out!’ what chilled out kids eh. Then I said ‘Hey I’m making an orange cake today’ but ran out of oranges so the cake didn’t materialize. So now its all ‘You broke your promise!’ ‘ You! who didn’t deliver on that cake!’ ‘But but but, where is our orange cake?!’ So now I choose not to tell them and only … Continue reading Peak Parenting is all about Improvisation

Vegetable Printing for Toddlers

It’s been a good and hectic couple of months for us here at Artventuretales, as you probably guessed from the quiet around here. Or maybe not :). We were off to a 28 day adventure at Singapore, which I will write about in a separate post or you can read all about it on my instagram account @artventuretales. Once we were back the school grind began and although we still did our activities I never got a chance to document it. With the little one growing up and showing signs of becoming extremely independent (and how! This morning he cried … Continue reading Vegetable Printing for Toddlers

Salt blot Painting, how paint travels!

It’s been a few days since we did anything creative different from what have done previously. The little one is teething so sleep has been totally elusive both for him and more so for me. Its been a tough few days to say the least, having the elder one at home for vacations and not being able to occupy him has added to the guilt, that hasn’t helped either. That’s how mothers roll I suppose, on good days you just make the most of it. After nearly a week the little one has gone down for a morning nap on … Continue reading Salt blot Painting, how paint travels!