All your child may need is to play!

Over the last few months I have taken play very seriously. We’ve played in the house, outdoors, in parks, at the airport, inflight, in the school, while waiting in the grocery line, in the hospital, at restaurants, pretty much everywhere we have been we have played! The last flight we took during take off and landing we had a very loud game of ‘Rock, paper, scissors’ that reverberated through the airplane, As I looked around I saw some smiles and some frowns, but both my children didn’t even notice the take off or landing, instead they enjoyed the whole flight … Continue reading All your child may need is to play!

What’s your child’s learning style – Learning philosophies that work

When I had my second child, I knew he would be unique, as children are, but exactly how different they can be dawned on me much later as I saw my two children approach the same activities in completely different ways. Take away very different things and even engage differently not just appropriate to their age but their own innate sense of understanding or learning style. Most of us have heard this approach as adults, in fields of education / psychology or regular parenting – each child has a different ‘learning style’. But when it comes to our own children … Continue reading What’s your child’s learning style – Learning philosophies that work

Salt blot Painting, how paint travels!

It’s been a few days since we did anything creative different from what have done previously. The little one is teething so sleep has been totally elusive both for him and more so for me. Its been a tough few days to say the least, having the elder one at home for vacations and not being able to occupy him has added to the guilt, that hasn’t helped either. That’s how mothers roll I suppose, on good days you just make the most of it. After nearly a week the little one has gone down for a morning nap on … Continue reading Salt blot Painting, how paint travels!

Stamp pads and stamping – Toddler fun!

Babies, before they start loving everything messy, have a slightly more complicated relationship with gooey, sticky textures. No? ok at least mine did, both of them. V (as we’ll call my older son) was very clear, he wanted nothing to do with anything sticky till he was almost 3 years old. A characteristic his teachers in pre school were quite concerned about as they couldn’t get him to do any messy activities like hand prints. S (my second born), is a whole different story, he loves the mess, for a short time, He obsessively cleans everything in the house, it’s … Continue reading Stamp pads and stamping – Toddler fun!