Homeschooling – how did we begin?

Now that we’ve decided we are going to learn from home for the next year at least, we came to the question of how and where do we begin? The homeschooling quiz in a previous post slotted us as ‘unschoolers’ so going with that, we started planning for a year of unschool learning. I’ve said this before, neither am I an educator nor a teacher so my approach to home learning is purely as a parent. My learning approach is inspired by Waldorf and Reggio, both of which are play and art based philosophies that have suited our learning goals … Continue reading Homeschooling – how did we begin?

Your kids can Play, even when you are on a budget

Recently in my conversations with parents I seem to hear a lot of ‘Should we buy this toy? Should we buy that new game? Which toys will keep my children occupied?’ Honestly the only one worrying about what your children will like is you. Children will play with anything, allow them some boredom and you will find they will devise ingenious ways to use their talents and strengths and their current stage of learning interest. In the past year I have invested in less than 5 ‘toys’, I say ‘invested’ and not bought because ‘Play’ is not something that children … Continue reading Your kids can Play, even when you are on a budget

Why children love ‘Messy Play’ and how to make it fun for you

You probably have a child that loves to put their hand into anything messy, gooey, slimy or sticky, and you are loosing it because that mess is going all over your couch or cushions and the rest of the house. Yes, that is good reason to loose it, I’m with you there. So what can you do about kids who love messy play? Think about this, I’ve heard a lot of people say ‘Cooking is therapeutic’, ‘I love art or DIY’, ‘Beaches are my favourite holiday spot’ do you know why this is? All these statements reflect a pull towards … Continue reading Why children love ‘Messy Play’ and how to make it fun for you

The Trees of India Project – 5 Flowering Trees (Summer)

As the kids and I spend more and more time outdoors, we have seen the changes in the trees. With each season / month there is new life – leaves, flowers, fruits, sometimes shedding and getting a whole new bark. The beauty of it all is that no two trees of the same species will flower at exactly the same time much like our children, but each one has its own pace to get there. Very often we forget to look around us and see the real wonder of the space we live in. Going out with my children and … Continue reading The Trees of India Project – 5 Flowering Trees (Summer)