Patriarchy is dead, Let’s bury Patriarchy

A man was once famously asked. ‘ Who really wears the trousers in your house?’ To which he replied ‘ I do. I wear the trousers and I wash and iron them too.’ All our lives not only have been told that what’s important is to be the dominant partner in a relationship but we’ve also been taught to look down upon the ‘weaker’ partner. Non valuable work that does not pay is the woman’s job, raising children, making food, keeping home. The more pay, wealth and riches are the mans domain, they have to come through him. Although we … Continue reading Patriarchy is dead, Let’s bury Patriarchy

Dear Moms, Invest for Yourself

I’m not really ashamed to declare that in some cases I am the epitome of what men love to make jokes on women for. I dislike paperwork, cannot compute important things like taxes, my bank details, I barely survive as far as my bills go, just about manage to pay them on time. So its no surprise that I’ve never really paid much attention to money for as long as I was making it – it came, it went. The only time I thought of investing was when at 25 I realised I could save some of my hard earned … Continue reading Dear Moms, Invest for Yourself