So we’ve decided to Homeschool…

We all hear a lot about homeschooling but most of us don’t make the choice to go for it because of a number of life restrictions in India. Lack of a good support system, curriculum and space not withstanding it’s a hard decision to make with our temperaments and the fact that we all need the couple of hours the kids are away at school to catch up on our own lives.

We are however living in unprecedented times and many of us are making the choice to homeschool our kids even if its for a year keeping in mind their safety and health. We have made a similar choice, the 3 year old will be entirely homeschooled this coming year before he joins ‘Big’ school with his brother next year (all things considered). We have been supplement schooling for the past 2 years with a mix of waldorf and reggio emilia methods of play, art and outdoor time.

Having taken the decision to homeschool a few weeks back I have been exploring ideas and methods that have worked in other cases and for other people. So if you are looking to homeschool here is a beginner set of resources you might find useful just as I did.

You can take the Homeschool style Quiz on Rebecca’s blog:

The quiz not only  helps you identify a homeschool method that will align with your ideas, needs, your children and life situation. It will also help you think about aspects of homeschool that you can plan and organize. We are the unschoolers we discovered so the play, art, outdoor mix works well for us.

You can also read up on how a typical day for an unschooler works for them in this link by Erin Vincent.

Unschooling life

This is not entirely us because our philosophies are slightly different but I’ll share our day in a couple of weeks when we have actually done some of this.

This is a beautiful Homeschooling view of different educational and homeschool philosophies by folks who have done it for a while. Only for reference as our own India methods will look and feel far far different. This will be the basis of my next post.

Homeschool Philosophies by Wild+Free

Hope you enjoy the initial reading I’ve compiled here for you. Our next post will focus on education philosophies and how they can be customized or made our own within our families.

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