Vegetable Printing for Toddlers

It’s been a good and hectic couple of months for us here at Artventuretales, as you probably guessed from the quiet around here. Or maybe not :). We were off to a 28 day adventure at Singapore, which I will write about in a separate post or you can read all about it on my instagram account @artventuretales. Once we were back the school grind began and although we still did our activities I never got a chance to document it. With the little one growing up and showing signs of becoming extremely independent (and how! This morning he cried … Continue reading Vegetable Printing for Toddlers

Ice and colour Volcanoes with salt – Summer Ideas

All of us have been down with colds the last couple of weeks, so things have been quiet around the house. Short fuses, since the kids have not been sleeping well, and fights to ensure the medicine goes in, have basically left us no time to do other things. The vacation has started with a bang, but I must say, the going on 5yo, has been finding something or the other to do. He’s been at his legos, wanting to learn how to make his own orange juice and other little things that remind me everyday that he’s growing up. … Continue reading Ice and colour Volcanoes with salt – Summer Ideas

Stamp pads and stamping – Toddler fun!

Babies, before they start loving everything messy, have a slightly more complicated relationship with gooey, sticky textures. No? ok at least mine did, both of them. V (as we’ll call my older son) was very clear, he wanted nothing to do with anything sticky till he was almost 3 years old. A characteristic his teachers in pre school were quite concerned about as they couldn’t get him to do any messy activities like hand prints. S (my second born), is a whole different story, he loves the mess, for a short time, He obsessively cleans everything in the house, it’s … Continue reading Stamp pads and stamping – Toddler fun!

Rice, rainbows, summers, and some sensory play

What does rice have to do with rainbows and summers? You may ask. Its like this, as working parents, school holidays were our biggest dread. The nanny had to come on time, the kiddo had to be pacified, distracted or conned depending on his mood that particular day and we had to find parks, playgrounds or television to keep him occupied. I remember days when he just didn’t want us to leave and I have literally cried my way to work. From what I have heard, stay at home parents don’t have it any easier. Holding the attention of your … Continue reading Rice, rainbows, summers, and some sensory play

Invitation to Create

Prompts, invitation to play / create / art are common phrases for open ended set ups that kids can discover and use the way they would like to. The prompt includes materials, medium, cutouts, moulds etc that can guide kids in their play with the provided prompt but does not define what they do with it. For example when setting up a clay prompt you can provide moulds and rollers but not define what the child should do with it. These open ended invitations allow kids to explore and have some fun with these materials, although more often than not … Continue reading Invitation to Create