Invitation to Create

Prompts, invitation to play / create / art are common phrases for open ended set ups that kids can discover and use the way they would like to.

The prompt includes materials, medium, cutouts, moulds etc that can guide kids in their play with the provided prompt but does not define what they do with it. For example when setting up a clay prompt you can provide moulds and rollers but not define what the child should do with it.

These open ended invitations allow kids to explore and have some fun with these materials, although more often than not there has been a mess when paints and water is involved most other times my son has had most fun during these open ended prompts.

I have found this extremely useful when leaving my elder kid alone to put the younger one to sleep or when I’m gone to prep a meal. Just set up this prompt and move everything else out to control the mess that is bound to happen in my absence. Lately the kid has shown a lot of enthusiasm and interest in these prompts which means I do more of them.

Some prompts I have done lately involve clay, paints, q-tips, tissue, flowers etc.



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