Dropper Art on Tissue paper

The first thing you learn as a parent is this, you are no longer in control!

No matter what age you become a parent, under what circumstances, and irrespective of the parenting goals you set for your family, please remember, they will be tossed aside like a soiled nappy. Do you see that tiny, boneless, squishy being that just arrived into your lives? Well even after that tiny thing grows up to be 6 ft tall and 56 inches wide, that being is the new in-charge, no questions asked.

See like every sane person who starts a blog I had a calendar and schedule and expected to stick by it but in this dimension it was not to be. This past week both my kids have chosen to sleep erratically and fitfully, their schedules have been thrown off leaving me with no time to begin with. Then my regular, dependable cook has taken off with no end date so I had to take over kitchen duties too.

Feeding a family of 4 with specific food interests means I’m in the kitchen 26 hours a day (yes I do know there aren’t 26 hours in a day!) and we had to enjoy spring too right!

Anyway, long story short I have been really late with this post on an art prompt we did almost 2 weeks ago. The grandparents left that day and we needed something to cheer up the boys who were understandably down.

Things you need for this prompt –

  • 4/5 colours – use varied colours from the spectrum to enable mixing and the kids finding new colour variations – blue, red, yellow, green are a good start.
  • 3 /4 sheets of absorbent tissue like kitchen tissues
  • Pippetes – pippetes or medicine droppers whichever you have lying around the house
  • Art paper – optional to use under the tissue for secondary prints

Set up the tissue on art paper over a table / counter or floor. Provide the colours in small containers or large ice trays. We used water colour mixed with some water. You can use acrylic, poster or what’s lying around the house for you, but do thin it out so its easy to drop and the colour spreads better on the tissue.


The child can use the dropper to spray colour onto the tissue which will then spread across making lovely patterns. As the colours mix you may start seeing greens with blue and yellow, orange with red and yellow and you can call these out to the kids. The colours may leave secondary prints on the art paper below as well that you can later develop into patterns.

The big guy enjoyed this while I went to put the baby to sleep and started sparying. I was surprised how he played with the amount of water he was taking in the dropper and using that to make smaller or larger circles. Within 20 or so minutes all colours had blended and we had a muddy brown left on the sheet.

He experimented with sitting, standing, spraying and dropping the colours onto the tissue.

The little one when he woke up was excited too and tried his hand, although he got more air bubbles than colours.

Go on then tell me what your kids think of this technique and what stories they tell you about what they are creating. I’d love to hear about it.

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