Stories From the Season

In all the 3 years I’ve been a full time parent, nothing has excited us more than the time we’ve spent outdoors. Outdoors is where the kids are happiest, it is also where I have been the calmest. As we went back to the same spaces, trees and birds in every season we began noticing subtle changes in the environment, over the year. This lead to our recording of what we saw at different times of the year – Phenology.

From there, we have taken it one step further to journaling our outdoor time as stories that capture the little changes around us, for children to connect. Take one window in your house, spot a tree and watch how the tree, it’s residents and visitors change over the course of the year and I guarantee some amazing discoveries.  

‘Stories from the Season’ is an illustrated monthly letter that will capture a story from one of our outdoor experiences in that month. It will detail aspects of trees like which flowers are blooming, fruits, pods you are most likely to observe at a certain time of year, the birds and bugs, how the sky looks, thus helping children make a connect with nature around them. Special focus on bugs, birds, animals, and trees. Indian seasons are more pronounced and magical than we imagine, and nothing excites me more than to see children grow up watching the magic unfold.

If you’d like to subscribe to these stories please fill in the form below. Include child’s name, and mailing address as the letters are designed to come by post.

Why post? As a child I loved receiving letters addressed to me, it seemed warm and personal, also exciting! My own kids love the idea of opening letters addressed to them, we would like to create the same kind of excitement for children when they receive their own copy of ‘Stories from the Season’.

Do fill in your details below (Name of child is preferred but not mandatory) and make the payment to sign up for the letter.

Happy Reading and spotting!

You can subscribe at Rs.50 per issue. Please include your name (as given in address) in the payment details tab as well.  Please pay for as many letters as you wish to receive.

Use the link button below to subscribe

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