Stories from the Season FAQs

Hello Nature enthusiast,

I’ll attempt to answer the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) I received so it becomes clearer to you if ‘Stories from the Seasons’ is for you and your child.

What is ‘Stories from the Season’?

Stories from the Season is a monthly postal note, it is written like a letter with illustrations that will be sent to your address.

Who is stories from the Season for?

Stories from the Season is written for children in a descriptive. Illustrative way to help them connect to the seasons as they change around us.

It is also for adults who love a nature adventure. It is based on real experiences so we hope it serves as a guide for parents who take children outdoors. As a reference to identify and look for the right things.

Why do I need Stories from the season?

Most children are very curious about the natural world around them. What flowers are these? Which bird just flew past? Why does this tree have no leaves? Why is the lizard brown? Why are plants growing from the dung?

Stories tries to answer these in ‘easy to understand’ language. We aim not to squash curiosity but to help it grow and give it direction.

What will I receive every month?

Each postal envelope will have one sheet of paper, the front side of which is an illustrated letter with elements to identify for little ones. The back of the letter is a poster for younger children to look and see butterflies, flowers, birds, my own children used to love collecting things and matching them to drawings. This was the idea behind the poster. To put up in their room, play match when you have a child that collects and to tell smaller stories for the littles.

When will I receive this every month?

We have two postal slots, all subscriptions received before the 25th of the previous month will be posted by the 4th and all subscription received after 25th to the 7th will be posted on 8th of the current month. As these are posted through India Post the letters will arrive anywhere between 4 – 8 days of posting.

How much do I need to pay for these notes?

Each issue is INR 50. Depending on how many issues you subscribe to you can make the payment. Rs. 100 for 2 issues or Rs. 600 for 12 issues.

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