Mushroom Spotting

My heart and soul will always be in Chennai, it is the city I chased my dreams in. The city that gave me a life. The day I arrived in Mumbai 10 years ago, it was pouring, I had never heard of the monsoon. Or if I had it hadn’t registered. The first few days the novelty of continuous rains was exhilarating within a week though I dreaded stepping out.

10 years later I still have a love-hate relationship with the monsoon. While I try not to pass this on to the mumbaikar kids I birthed, one of them is even a monsoon child, the rain pushes them to extremes, they either want to live out in the rain or won’t step out for days saying ‘it’s wet’.

On one of our good days we went mushroom spotting. Well, I may have hyped the whole idea a bit but once outside as we spotted shroom after shroom the kids got in the groove. Obviously they spotted a lot more than me shrieking with joy at the different colours and sizes of fungi. We have some beautiful fungi growing right in our backyard so we painted them and found their names. We always come back to a bit of art.

I’m not an expert on mushrooms but some can be quite dangerous especially for children, we did not touch any of these but I do believe a few are safe, edible even. Its still early days in this year’s monsoon season, so we may still go spot some more!

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